This Quiz will reveal the Wii Sports Champion in you


Your total skill level?

What is your skill level in baseball?

What is your rank out of Wii sports resorts CPU?

Where are you in Wii party?

What is your Nationality?

In Wii music artwork,what will you like to play?

What is your skill level in tennis?

In boxing, what do you think you are?

What is your favorite color?

In swords play,you are:

Wii Sports Character Quiz

So Congratulations! you’re Matt.You have all the qualities of the Matt who is our master level champion! Enjoy!

Here you are ! Our champion Sakura! You are courageous and play with your heart and soul!

So the hidden champion inside you is Sarah! You have your own talents and you are amazing!

Our Elisa is here! So you are absolutely like her in all your choices! You are indeed champion with the advance difficulty Level!

Do you imagine yourself as one of the Champion from the famous Wii sports? Every one us is a champion in our life. Agree? Take this interesting quiz to find out which Champion mii from Wi sport are you.

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