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The champion that has the highest base HP at level 1 without any items or masteries equipped is

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Tryndamere has proven to be a great champion consistently. There have been talks of reworking Tryndamere and Master Yi

Sound effects using “dog food and beans inside a condom” that was “slapped against a wall” – for which champion was this used?

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The BTS Story of Zac’s sound effects is interesting to know, as they originated from the above mentioned items.

Which of the following is not a skinline in League of Legends anymore?

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The Mafia skins were renamed as Crime City which was moderated as per Italian players’ preferences.

At one time, how many unique emotes can you equip?

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You can equip a total of 9 emotes. 5 on your wheel and 4 assigned specifically for first blood and ace.

Nasus wield uses a different kind of weapon in his base skin. What is the name of the weapon?

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The weapon used by Nasus is a war staff which actually looks more like an axe.

Which of the following is not a map in League of Legends?

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Maps in League of Legends are areas where players and champions fight against each other for victory.

How many different types of minions are on Summoners Rift?

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There are four different types of minions on Standard Summoners Rift namely casters, melees, siege and super.

What is the full name of Gromp?

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Which of the following champion was removed from the game when the character “died” in the lore?

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Gangplank was removed from the game for a small period. Players were elited that he was gone for good. He was revived in lore and brought back again as a major champion rework.

What is the name of the champion that has the ability to control fire?

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Johnny was one of the four people that gave rise to Fantastic Four. After the ship went in cosmic radiation, he gained the ability to control fire.

League of Legends

Think you know all the trivia related to your favorite game? Well then you can ace this quiz! Prove it coz only Ultimate fans can answer this league of legends quiz…

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